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Get A Job!

Hey Mom and Dad, I need money for the mall!

“Get a Job”

And I did. I’ve been doing it since I was 13 years old and I was babysitting.

And then 16 years old at a photography studio.

And then there was the time I was a bridal consultant, waitress, cart girl, receptionist, sample-giver-outer (Costco), sales rep, substitute teacher, painter, photographer (repeats over time), analyst… I’ve done a little bit of everything.

Every time I check my bank account and look down at my tattered nails badly in need of a manicure I say to myself “Get a job!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love my work-for-the-man corporate day job.  But to live the lifestyle I want — to be wealthy — I need to ensure multiple streams of income for the long haul. I need to secure PASSIVE income.

Grabbing the only thing I knew at the time, I grasped for the experience I learned from the photography studio and started my own Photography business (Job #2).  While it requires me to work full time (on my free time), it is a second income.  And with work, I can turn it into passive income in the future.

But what about that passive income I needed to find? I took the plunge in 2017 and purchased a property to AirBNB. Once I set it up to run itself…. it ran itself! (Job #3)

Did I tell you I like wine?  Welcome to Job #4 – The Wine App.  It’s in development stages and has a ton of work ahead of it.  But it’s the next step to my financial freedom and word travel.

I’m nowhere near wealthy yet. I have a lot of things to work on.  But I’m on my way and continue to look for more opportunities.

Want to make more money? GET A JOB. Start a business.

Find your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life (it’s not just a cliche – I promise).

You can follow up more on my individual businesses by clicking on the drop down above.  I also post Professional Development tips, book reviews, and other tidbits I’ve learned along the way.

Join me! Start creating your future!


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