I run an Air BNB in Old Town Alexandria. It’s in a super cute, quiet area of the Historic District.

My goal in purchasing it was to make it ‘Old Town’ themed. I have wooden Old Town signs, a big Old Town Clock ( from TJ Maxx), anchors… All the things to bring the place together.

Additionally, since I know a photographer ( #photobecky) I was going to take iconic photos of Old Town – turn the black and white – and matte and frame them in the place. Guess what hasn’t happened yet?!

Um.. it’s cold out?

The dining room has this huge open wall that has been driving me nuts. I’m sure my tenants are going nuts as well because it practically echoes in there.

Thank goodness Amazon deal of the day got me this week and 24 hours later I had a super cute 3-piece ‘canvas’ (ok it’s plastic) piece of worldly art. In all honesty the wall needed something large to cover the space. The coloring of the map will look great with photos of Old Town in black and white around the house.

I swear it’s happening this spring!

I swear!

In the mean time, enjoy this little post 3 mile run, decoration of the house 🙂