A few months ago one of my best friends asked me if I wanted to try a free week of Blue Apron.

She’s never been the best cook and I remember thinking “I know how to cook, I don’t need this” but I’ll take a free week.

It. Was. Awesome!

Let me back up a second and tell you about my eating habits the last 6 months. I’m single [again] and trying to lose some weight [again]. So I’m meal prepping – chicken and veggies for lunch and dinner every day. Which means I throw it away at work and buy something better [spending ~10-15 a day for lunch) and then going across the street to Southside for dinner probably 3-4 days a week.

Who wants to eat the same thing every day? Not me!

I ended up drinking the Kool-aid.

I’ve been using Blue Apron every week. Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably not the best or cheapest out there. THe market is flooded with pre-prepped groceries delivered straight to your home. But I’m very content with Blue Apron. As a single person it’s expensive to buy all the fancy groceries to mix up your meals every week. I wanted to control portions better, eat good food, eat clean, and not spend a ton. I’m also just busy.

A few weeks ago I fly in from California very late on a Sunday night (as I do about once a month) and outside my door is the Blue Apron package. I’m filled with sheer happiness. Because I don’t have to go to the store tomorrow and I will have an awesome meal.

Til all is said and done I think I spend exactly the same as I was before – actually, much less since I don’t go out for dinner and lunch as often. I’m actually learning a lot more about cooking as well. I’m much better at it and I’m making some really awesome new meals.

Whatever your circumstance is, I think you’ll love it.

Want to try a free week? Just email me and I’ll give you a code. Don’t worry – I don’t make money or get credits by you signing up. I’m honestly just sharing something I’ve grown to love. Just shoot me a comment or email beckysbalance@gmail.com to try a free week!