Yes. You heard me. Being an entrepreneur is about as bipolar as my last two posts.

Some days you’re all like “damn, this is awesome, I’m killing it. Look at me!”

And then then as you’re spinning around patting yourself on your back you trip and fall on your face over all the little (and big) things that punch you in the face sometimes.

I purchased a second place in 2017 to run as an AirBNB. Recently I decided to rent it for a full year to someone (I still have about 6 months until they start their lease so don’t worry, more ridiculous AirBNB adventures will I’m sure be on their way).

I hired a cleaning person a few months ago to turn the place over for me and everything has been going smoothly. So smoothly, in fact, that I debated NOT renting for a full year because I don’t make as much money. But I talked myself off that ledge: “It will be so much easier than having to worry about it getting turned over all the time”

I was feeling pretty good about life again, pep in my step, a little skip down the sidewalk if you are looking for a visual.

And then the piano fell from the sky.

I can’t get the dishwasher fixed after over two months because the home warranty recommended a company that is terrible (add to the to do list: Call home warranty to complain and ask for a new vendor)

The building door key pad hasn’t worked in a month. The HOA isn’t working to fix it. So tenants have to use the one (and only) key I have for the front door. I can’t get copies made since its a master key. It has to go through the HOA (Add to the to do list: Call HOA to complain again about door and try to get get spare keys made).

Now that I finally get into the condo – I’m reminded that I still need to buy some art for the walls. The previous tenants used all the towels and sheets (that’s on me, I didn’t lock the closet) so I have a ton of laundry to do, half the lightbulbs are burnt out, the cleaning lady forgot to take the garbage out, it’s soaking wet under the sink (WHY?!), the new rug I bought looks about as cheap as it actually was, SHOOT the door squeaks SO LOUD when you open and shut it, and the August Home connector I purchased won’t connect.

I got hit with everything at once and I couldn’t even remember where I started to even begin to make the list. Any profits I may have made this month just disappeared as I’m trying to fix everything above. I’m literally laying on the floor asking myself why I do this?! I’m tired, I work all the time, I don’t want to do this. Seriously. I DON’T WANT TO DO IT! Can I sell it? Should I get a full time renter? Would I break even? How long should I hold onto it before I sell it? Should I move into the studio and rent my place for more?


Start over – This is a good idea – It’s just a bad day.

So instead of doing other things in my own life I need to do, I’m writing this blog from the condo waiting for the laundry to finish (Hey google, set timer for 45 minutes). I put in an amazon prime order to have everything delivered here I need and I’m adding my cleaner as a co-host (because she’s been a God-send).

My frustration was mounting as I was on the phone with my boyfriend – God bless him – who was doing everything he could think of from 3,000 miles away to make me feel better. He could tell I was trying to stay positive because even though I was holding back some tears I would laugh at myself for being a big baby over things that aren’t that big of a deal… and then be annoyed that I was laughing at myself. It’s hard to always keep a positive attitude about things. Sometimes it all mounts up and it makes us angry for a few days. That’s ok.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. It’s not cheap. And it CERTAINLY doesn’t lead to getting rich quick by any means. But all the books, and the mentors, and shark tank episodes, and common sense continues to tell me that if I keep ‘building the empire’ then all the small things I’m growing will eventually run on their own. And the extra money I make from one thing compounds to the full income I make from 20 things. It makes sense, it reads well, but tonight… as I’m sitting here hangry I just want to throw in the towel because it’s SO MUCH WORK UP FRONT!

If you are starting your first business, or having a bad day on your 20th business: Hang in there! You can email me or comment below with your vent session – I’m here to listen and tell you it sucks sometimes but it will be totally worth it!

Keep your head up – we’re still awesome