The most interesting thing happened to me this morning. I’m at the gym – it was a nice light day: 20 minute run followed by a 20 minute swim.

I had this great Can’t Stop Won’t Stop shirt that my dear friend Barbie sent me. I was feeling great during my 20 minute run.

Donned in my speedo one piece and favorite swim cap: Betty Design’s “DO EPIC SHIT” cap I hit the water. It was a long 20 minutes but it felt good to be back in the water.

After the swim I’m sitting on the edge of the pool–cap on, goggles off – and I decided that the perfect thing to close out this workout is some hot tub time.

I jump in the hot tub and the 40-something gentleman in the pool remarks “Thats quite the swim cap”

“Thanks,” I laugh, “It’s my favorite.” He did not laugh. Hmm. Weird. *shrug*

I spend a few minutes in the hot tub relaxing. Stretching my sore muscles from the past week or two of good workouts.

As I’m walking back to grab my goggles and towel a gentleman pops out of the pool and comes right for me

“I don’t think that cap is right.” “You’re better than that!” He’s clearly emotional about my swim cap, but I’m semi-confused by the situation.

“You’re better than that” he repeats. I provide the best answer that I could give in a situation like this “Sir I respect that you have that opinion. Have a good one” and as I go to turn away he remarks “I wouldn’t wear that cap around here again if I were you.”


By far the craziest experience I’ve had. My cap said “DO EPIC SHIT” There’s no political message, racial slur, obnoxious obscenities…

Was it because the all caps made him feel like he needed to go ‘DO EPIC SHIT’ right this instant? Perhaps he didn’t want to do epic shit. Perhaps he was offended that I was telling him to go be great, when all he wanted was to be average.

Maybe by “you’re better than that” he meant that instead of the passive ‘do epic shit’ I should be taking action and “DOING epic shit”

In a facility that’s predominantly military men, no children under 18 allowed, I would think that such a cap would get a high-5. Yet somehow I managed to offend two grown 40-something (if I had to estimate) men.

I usually don’t give much mind about how people feel towards my attire but this is obviously still sticking with me. I’ve even debating purchasing a different swim cap. I’ve been wondering if there’s some rules about curse words on clothing in the gym. I’ve always been wondering, after my boyfriend mentioned it, if it also comes in pink…

Either way, I shall continue to be epic. And while it’s your life and your decision…. I hope that you go out there and