I’ve been selling to people for years.

Recommending the higher priced entree or bottle of wine as a waitress.  Handing out samples and selling cases of drinks at Costco. Selling photos at the first studio I worked at…

There’s something different about selling yourself though– it feels weird. Many of us have spent years selling and advertising for businesses we worked for and we excelled and then when we start our own small business we shy away from it.

What scares us?

It’s unnatural to talk about how great you are (for most of us) but it’s ALWAYS easier to recommend someone else.  It’s part of what makes networking so VITAL as a small business owner.

I have a handful of friends that own businesses.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve recommended Katie as a Realtor or told someone to check out Southside 815. It comes up naturally in conversation all the time and people trust something that you personally use or recommend.  I’m not selling anything, I’m sharing my experience.

Katie and I have been working hard at building our relationships with other businesses. It was impossible to do individually, as much as we’d LOVE to spend an afternoon with each and every one of you, we wouldn’t have time to run our own!

We’re so excited for the second Businesses who Brunch coming up this month. Last month was such a huge success and we’re excited to see return faces and meet new people!

We purposely didn’t send out everyone’s contact information to the whole group.  The purpose of this brunch isn’t to be once and done. It’s to come back and continue to get to know each other. So when someone is looking for a service you know just who to suggest off the top of your head.

We’re going to start showcasing businesses in the private group to help everyone get to know each other better as well!

See you all in a few weeks!

Becky & Katie