This started out as a Facebook Post and I realized I had WAY TOO MUCH to say (but what else is new…)

Last year on my birthday I realized I lived the last year in a drudge. Nothing in life was particularly happy for me – jobs, boyfriend, house, life… I decided it was time for a change – 3 months of hell ensued– but as always, I emerged the butterfly.
I started the year of Becky and it has been by far the best year of my life so far. I decided that instead of letting the year of Becky come to a close in December I was going to extend it with a little 30 by 30 challenge.
I found an old Bucket List from high school. Most of them I was able to cross off. I had made a list in high school of things that, at the time, I thought were EPIC and things that through an entire life I should be able to achieve.  I crossed most of them off.
It’s time to step it up.
I’ve decided to make it an EPIC year leading up to my 30th birthday. 1 October kicked off Becky’s 30 by 30. I’m single, no kids, no pets. It’s time to keep living my life and doing everything and anything that makes me happy, and everything that I’ve made excuses about for a long time.
The full list is below.  Some I came up with to keep me learning new things and pushing myself this year.  Most are just for fun.  Some are to make sure I don’t spend ALL my money on fun this year.
  1. Buy a House (I bought two)
  2. Visit as many countries as I am years old (currently at 24)
  3. Full Marathon
  4. Triathalon
  5. Masters Degree
  6. Skydive
  7. Pull Up
  8. Live Overseas
  9. Get a tattoo
  10. Own a sports car
  11. Pay off Student Loans (almost there!)
  12. Get Married (well…technically)
  13. Podium Finish
  14. 6-pack Abs
  15. Zero Credit Card Debt (I don’t really have it now – this is to keep me in line while doing the rest of this stuff)
  16. Read 30 Books (that’s a new one… just this year)
  17. Ski the Alps
  18. SCUBA Dive
  19. Learn to Juggle 3 balls (why is this so hard?!)
  20. Be A Spy
  21. Crash a Celebrity Party
  22. Learn to Surf
  23. Sommelier Level 1
  24. Kill an Animal and Eat it
  25. Helicopter Ride
  26. Ride a camel through the dessert
  27. Do an Olympic
  28. Boob Job (Again… don’t judge me!)
  29. Make XX per year.
  30. Ultra-Marathon

Thank you to everyone who’s supported me through the 10 I’ve already completed and to the people that I already know are tagged with the ones currently left.

I can’t wait to see the amazing things the universe has in store for me going into my 30th year!