I think we’ve all been there. We get this brilliant idea and we’re super excited. We tell someone and they are not as stoked as we are.

But what if you fail?

What if you get lost?

I’ve spent a majority of my life listening to what other people told me. Like somehow their opinion was more valuable to me. Part of it is something you feel when you are young, the other part is being a woman.

As outgoing, independent, and headstrong as I was I still needed validation from those around me. I asked everyone’s advice, everyone’s opinion, everyone’s approval.

There’s a quote I found when I was trying to work through the idea of whether or not to get divorced– I talked it through with everyone. “Advice is what you ask for when you already know the answer but wish you didn’t”

I’ve always wanted to say I was adventurous. A risk taker. Afraid of nothing. But it’s still calculated in it’s own way.

I decided to take a leap of faith on something recently (big reveal to follow) and it’s a HUGE deal. I leaped in eyes wide open. I am beyond excited and know this will change everything and launch me to an amazing place. It was a huge scary decision that I just did– like literally just dove into.

Same outcome. I share with people at work , friends, family…and I’m almost attacked by the naysayers. Negative comments, poking holes in the plan, poking fun at the decision…

Sure they are excited in their own weird way. But there was a big difference this time. It didn’t bother me.

I AM a risk taker, I’m not afraid, I knew what was right for me. And this was it.

But what if it fails?

What if you lose all that money?

What if people screw you over?

What if you cant keep up?

What if you fall?

…oh but darling, what if you fly?
Life is so amazing! Be bold!

-Becky (aka Queen of the side hustle)