I know what you’re thinking “This girl is insane”. But I promise you this isn’t a story about how I made it rich in 30 days or a year… or at all.  It is a story about how something so simple changed the entire path of my life.

It was mid-March in 2016.  I walked up my quiet street to the townhouse I shared with my boyfriend. There was a package out front.  It looked hand packed so I thought perhaps it was from my sister-in-law.  She was famous for sending me little surprise packages.  Upon closer inspection I realized it was from the company I recently signed up for – I had maybe stupidly decided to become a rep for one of those multi-level-marketing companies.  I hadn’t decided if this was a waste of my time or not, but I bought into the story sold online.

I opened up the package and there was protein and a few other products in the box. There was nothing flashy about it, nothing that screamed ‘look at me’ and I felt underwhelmed by it.  I opened up the top of the protein powder, closed my eyes, and inhaled what I continue to say is the best smelling protein in the world. It smells like the boxed funfetti cake. It smelled like pure goodness and the whole world changed.


The world didn’t change. There was nothing profound (although it did smell amazing). In that moment nothing had changed.

Let’s take a step back.

This was a long, hard year for me and this story starts part way through it.

I was living with my boyfriend for two years now. And everything was perfect. This was literally the relationship we all hope we find one day.  All the right things fell in line. We met at work, had the same friends, enjoyed the same hobbies. Laughed together, adventured together, drank together, slept together… ALL THE THINGS fell in line.  I had found my best friend to spend the rest of my days with. Everything was perfect… until it wasn’t perfect anymore.

And we’ve all been there when the spark fades and the shell of the relationship you have left over is the saddest thing you’ve seen.


I took a scoop of the protein powder and mixed it with straight water in a shaker bottle.  OK. Not bad. I would probably drink this.  I mixed it in my blender with some milk and frozen veggies. WHOA. This is actually amazing. Weird. I never like protein powder.

‘Hey boyfriend try this out!” ‘eh, not for me’

I told myself I’d try it once a day, not as a meal replacement, just as some extra protein.  I’ll try the other products in this bundle too.


Let’s talk about my past for a hot second.  High School Varsity Letter in Track and Volleyball.  College Athlete. Marathon runner.  Mostly healthy eater. I was obsessed with working out and being healthy and looking amazing. But I had an addiction to fad diets and doing crash diets to look ‘sexy’


After a couple days and weeks I started getting back into a work out routine. Not as a fad, but as a daily exercise routine. It didn’t happen quick, in fact it happened very slow, so slow that I never even noticed I was starting to change things up.

I started cutting up more veggies and fruit for work.

I started actually being legitimately healthy. Working out for me, not to cross something off a list.

OK. You’re getting confused.  Let’s fast forward one last time.

Almost a year later I had become a completely different person. I wasn’t actually sure how it happened at first. Where had this new version of me (20 pounds lighter I might add too) came from?

It started as a ‘sure, I’ll give this protein powder stuff a try’ and turned into giving up the fad diet lifestyle.  I removed everything artificial from my life.


Sugar. Soda. Processed Foods. People. Anger. Pain. Letting others control me. Making decisions for others. Fear…..

The one small decision snowballed into my life changing. I started the year feeling small, and sad, and actually…about to lose my job.

I ended the year with a new job (with a raise), an accepted offer on a condo in a swanky area of Northern Virginia, two side businesses that were doing well, a rocking body, dropped the boyfriend, and picked up a glow that I don’t think I’ve ever had in my life.

One scoop of protein powder was the first tiny…insignificant step in changing the entire outcome of my life.

No. I didn’t quit my job and sell protein to make 10k a month. Do I make money off of it? Yes.

Honestly, I don’t make a ton of money off of it (yet) but it’s given me a platform along with my photography business to buy a condo completely by myself.  I never thought I’d be able to do that. EVER. But I’m more addicted to getting people to follow in my steps because I want to make other people feel as amazing as I feel now.

I’ve become addicted to getting people to look at their lives and their future and their possibility differently.

Will protein powder change your life? Maybe. Will taking small steps now change your life in a way you never imagined? Absolutely.

Signing up to sell it made me feel like I had to ‘give it a chance’ and use it every day but the change it had on me was deeper than I ever imagined.

I look at the person I am today compared to a year ago. And I know you probably think I’m crazy for pinpointing it back to the protein powder.  Maybe I am a little crazy, but I’ll tell you….

Join me…. and see the view from happiness… because it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.