We all know this. We’ve probably said this to our friends while we are layering on the warm clothes and eating comfort food.

“It’s too cold out, I don’t want to go to the gym”
“I hate leaving the house in the winter, it’s cold and dark out so early!”
” I’ll start next week”
“If I work out and then go into the cold I’ll get sick”

Sound familiar?  I’m sure it does. We’ve all said them.

Well– except for me.  The winter is my FAVORITE time for working out.  I despise the winter.

  • It’s COLD
  • It’s always dark
  • There’s Snow
  • It’s COLD
  • Nobody else wants to leave the house either
  • I just want comfort foods
  • I get sad

Seriously, I hate the winter, how I don’t live on a beach by now is still surprising.  But what I’ve decided years ago is to turn my hatred of the cold outdoors into MY time to re-build. Sure, you can do more outside activities in the summer, but there’s more drinking and BBQs, and patio dining. In the winter it’s SO MUCH EASIER for me to stick to my plan.  I use the winter months to come back stronger in the summer with my nutrition and fitness goals!

I work out consistently all year long, and I make new years resolutions just like anyone else. I love them!  I usually stick to them too!  This isn’t meant to be a bragging session to but to say that it IS possible to build that bad-ass bikini body through the winter.

You can also do it in your home!  Two years ago when I bought a road bike, I purchased a trainer for it so I could cycle in my own house. (I have a 720 sq ft condo, I decided that sometimes the bike is just part of the furniture) I can do cardio and body weight workouts right in my home. I can do them all winter long with ZERO excuses.

Time for the harsh dose of reality – STOP BEING LAZY. You heard me. Stop letting your emotions control your life, because that is what sitting around all winter really is.  Would you rather May come around and you’ve been working out and feeling amazing and get to go on that fantastic first run outside for the season?  Or would you rather be saying “ugh.. ok time to get back at it and START”

It’s March which means you still have about 6 weeks left of cold (if you’re in the north) before Summer starts to kick in.  You can totally transform your body in 6 weeks.  If you check out my Pinterest Board, I have tons of workouts that ALL can be done in your home! I do them… I don’t just tell you these things. I DO THEM!

It’s time. Right now. To get a work out in. And get that bikini body 😉