I’ve been really bad at keeping up with the discussion on Project:You.  I’ve been so busy working on Project: Becky that I’ve forgotten to share!

I spent a lot of time looking at me this year so far. The good things… the not so good things.  The things I didn’t want to see.

An ugly breakup helps with that. It made me look at myself very honestly. I also bought my first condo which reminded me that despite some of my less-than-perfect qualities, I’m pretty kick ass!

If someone doesn’t accept me at my worst, they don’t deserve me at my best!

I’m actually not sure if it was harder for me to see my honest bad qualities or good qualities. I decided that the best way to overcome the negative is to accentuate the positive.

I tried to look at the things that make me happy.  And I realized that at the end of the day what makes me the happiest is being around people. I do NOT like being alone (which is also in the ‘work on’ column).  While I need to learn to be ok with being alone better, I’ve realized how insanely happy being around people makes me.  Not just being around people, but bringing people together. So I decided to accentuate this aspect of my life to bring more happiness.

My cousin and I decided to start a Networking Brunch for local small businesses. ‘Businesses Who Brunch‘ is all about bringing together small business owners whether they work out of their house or a storefront together into a community.

I have gained so much happiness over the past three weeks of Katie and I putting this together. Talking with people, meeting new friends and colleagues, planning the brunch, going door to door with other businesses has been the most fun ever. Like so fun it makes me less happy to go to my day job (which I never thought would be possible!).

I’m also working on making more friends. Scratch that… making more GIRL friends.  I work in a male dominated office and I miss having girlfriends to do things with.  It’s hard to start over with new friends in a new (ok, it’s been 5 years) city. Nobody will come close to my two best friends from high school which are still my closest friends.  But it’s so important for me to take care of myself and find happiness and peace that I am DETERMINED to start making more girl friends.

I also started a morning breakfast club with my businesses partners with my business coach.  Once a month at 6am we have coffee and talk shop – how to grow our businesses, how to take over the world, how great we look without makeup.

My focus on March was to accentuate the good, and now as the month goes on I’m starting to feel more happy and less stressed.  I still have my down moments but the more I focus on something I love rather than trying to fix something I don’t like– the happier I feel.

Regardless of where you are on your journey it’s important to focus on something that brings light into your life. Even if it’s something small. If you do that small thing every day you will undoubtedly bring so much more happiness and joy into your life.

I hope Project: You is really starting to unfold for you as it is for me!


P.S. Want to get involved in my Networking Brunch of Breakfast Club? Just follow here for more info!