I think one of the hardest lessons I’ve learned in life is knowing when to walk away.

Like a typical woman, I feel like I’m a fixer.  I can fix the person or fix the situation.  With enough love, patience, understanding, and talking through things, everything will work out!

The problem with this is that BOTH sides need to feel this way.  Also, sometimes situations just don’t turn out ok. And that’s ok too. That’s life.

I’ve been divorced. I’ve recently gone through an ugly break-up with a very serious boyfriend.  I knew WAY before I left them that the relationship wasn’t right.  I just drug it along for MONTHS because I wasn’t ready to walk away. I wanted another shot to fix it. I wanted one more chance to make it all right.

How do you know the difference between relationships being hard and the relationship just not being right?! That’s the million dollar question.

Do you have love? Do you have mutual respect? Does someone always stand up and fight for things (not always the same person though)? It’s hard. It’s scary. And you might make the wrong decision.

But wait… there’s no such thing as a wrong decision. There’s only the current decision. And that leads you down a path towards your next decision, which continues you down a path. There’s no right or wrong path, there’s only the one you are currently on. The ‘other’ path based on the ‘other decision’ literally doens’t even exist.  There’s no alternative universe where infinite versions of yourself making infinite decisions wander around.

There’s just you, and here, and now.

Love yourself first. Fight when it feels right. Walk away when it doesn’t.