Happy February!

How is Project: You coming along? If you haven’t started then lets get moving.  My last challenge to you was to look back on the past one year and five years of your life.  What makes you happy, where do you wish you worked harder, what are you not so proud of?

It’s hard. It’s really hard to point out our own faults and focus on them.  Nobody LIKES to do it, but it’s necessary if you want to grow.

I realized a lot of my faults that I’ve decided I need to work on bettering.

  • I have a temper
  • I have a negative outlook on life
  • I feel entitled
  • I like attention
  • I put too much focus on monetary things

Are any of these things terrible, horrible things? No! Of course not, but when looking at the aspects of my life that I’m not proud of this is what I see.  This is where I need improvement.

What does this mean? It means that I took the hardest step – admitted where I need improvement.

Next time I’m feeling vain or about to lose my tempter I’ve already identified these as my weaknesses.  I know where to stop, take a breath, and re-evaluate where I’m at.

Earlier today I felt myself about to lose my temper and my patience. I realized this was my opportunity to try. I was still mad, still annoyed, still angry, but I didn’t lose my tempter like I may have before.  One day that moment won’t bother me.  And I’m so excited I took the first step.

What did you learn this month about yourself? How are you taking steps towards becoming the person you’re proud of?