Ok, I have something to admit… I’ve slacked off!

A good friend of mine convinced me that THIS WAS THE YEAR I was supposed to tackle the 50k.  I’ve run 4 full marathons (well trained for two of them, hobbled through the other two out of pride) and countless half marathons, 10 milers, 10ks, 5ks….etc.

THIS IS THE YEAR. I’m serious.  I know I said the last two marathons I was going to train and kick ass and I said that was the year too, but this year is actually the year.


  1. I am publically putting it out there to all of you that I’m doing it… I don’t want to fail
  2. I don’t want to actually fail, even if I never told you
  3. I had a rough 2016 and I needed something to prove to myself that I haven’t ‘lost it’
  4. I don’t want to fail!

Today marks officially 3 months EXACTLY until race day.  I haven’t chosen a training plan yet, but my friend and the internet have provided me with a bunch of starting points.

I’m trying to be realistic.  I’m not going to run 5 days a week, cross train 3 days, and then rest 2 days (that doesn’t even add up!).

Best advice I’ve heard so far is “use the stair climber at the gym” and since I live in Alexandria, VA with NO mountains nearby a weekly stairclimber gym session is necessary.

For the month of February my weekly plan is as follows

  • 60 min stair climber
  • 60 minute bike ride
  • 30-40 minute run followed by a 20-30 minute bike ride
  • 60-70 minute run
  • core/back training

As I write this out it seems both not enough and TOO much to tackle in a given week.  But as I said above ‘THIS IS THE YEAR!’

I put my back out this past weekend, like really bad.  Like standing in the door of my closed for 10 minutes unable to move followed by 4 hours on a heating pad and lots of pain killers. It sucked.  Nothing like building the training plan and the next day being stuck in bed.

Today, though, through a sore and stiff back I got to the gym and hit the stair climber. I know I can’t run yet but I could climb!

I was only going to do 20 minutes, you know, just to try it out and my friend texted me five minutes into the workout and said “Only 55 minutes to go ;)” I hate him– because I obviously had to do 55 more minutes.

Oh… did I mention I was on a video teleconference the whole time… they thought I was nuts!

60 minutes on the stair climber level 8 (whatever that means) which is as fast as I could go without falling on my face (I still tripped the whole time). According to fitbit I spent 75% of the time in my peak heart rate (averaging out at 165 bpm), 24% in cardio, and 2% in fat burning zone…..and 573 calories for the hour. I jumped off the machine faster than you would believe as soon as my 60 minutes was up. I didn’t see how many stairs/flights I actually did. I’ll get that next time for comparison.

It kicked my butt good… and I liked it!

We’ll see where the soreness lies tomorrow.  Tonight I followed up the gym with protein hot chocolate and tons of water.

One day down…. 2 months and 29 days to go!