You’ve had a week or two to settle into the new year, and as you’re going back through your feed you remember being inspired and wanting to work on Project: YOU.  But what does that mean?


No, seriously. I wanted to break down Project: YOU into manageable tasks for each of us.

The best way to start off PY is to look back on your life.  I want you to look over the past year of your life. The past five years of your life.

  • What are your highlights?
  • What are your low points?
  • How do you handle stressful situations
  • What patterns do you notice about yourself and your behaviors?
  • Do you feel you have gotten closer to your goals, values, desires… or farther away?

I want you to spend at least 30-60 minutes thinking about these questions. Think about how you behave in personal relationships AND in professional life. I want you to focus on about 30% what behavior you like and 70% on what you don’t.  The purpose is to help you find your path forward.

Take a few days after you do this exercise and then come back to it.  See if anything has changed, see if YOU have changed.  This is such an important start in working on Project: You.  I will be working on this myself this week and I’ll share part of my findings with you too!

xoxo Becky