Happy 2017!

I know that this year has been trying for all of us. Given the opportunity each and every one of us could write out a long list about how the world hurt us this year.  We can also write out a list of how we hurt the world.

But that isn’t the purpose of starting over.  The purpose is to learn from the past, and keep getting back up.

I’ve learned a lot this year, and this year really kicked my butt… REALLY kicked my butt. And I didn’t handle things well at all.  But it made me learn a little something about me.

In 2016 I gave up dieting to start a lifestyle.  No more cookie cutter plans telling me what’s right for my body. Just me, doing what feels right, and finding my consistency.  One year later I feel strong, amazing, and I’m also down 20 pounds!!

Since I had so much success last year I wanted to focus this year on Project: YOU. It’s meant to be extremely personal for each of us.  We’ve all become the people we are from the good and bad experiences in our lives. We spend so much money and time fixing up the house, building a car from scratch, editing photos, Pinterest DIY projects…. and we don’t even use a fraction of that time to work us the most important project out there– ourselves.

While continuing with the lessons I learned in 2016 I want to focus this year on being introspective and looking at ME– Project: Becky. Where have my values and goals shifted? Is this for the better or for the worse? Has my focus and priorities been in the right area? If not, how can I fix this?  How are my relationships with the people around me? How is my work life? I’m looking at everything!

The whole purpose of sharing Project: Becky with you is so you can see how I’m working through my own life to make sure that I’m centered in the direction that I need to be. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be ugly, but it’s going to turn into the most beautiful project I’ve ever worked on. 

I’m so excited to start out this year, and I hope you join me to work on Project: You!

Happy 2017!

Becky xoxo