Happy Saturday Everyone!

A majority of my blog (ok all of it)  has been focused on things like workouts, recipes, training for races– you know– useful, practical things.  That’s the type of person I am. Nobody wants to read a blog about some girl who works out and makes delicious smoothies. She’s not particularly that interesting… but did you try her vegan protein hot chocolate?!

Being a blogger and online small business owner means you get lost in the crowd.  Lost in the crowd of almost 75 Million bloggers on wordpress ALONE, and it’s easiest to stay focus on your message and your useful, practical things.

Earlier this month I was nominated by Miss Barbie Paget (You can read her post here) for the Liebster Award for bloggers. It’s a way to bring more people together to cross-pollinate and spread the love. Barbie and I are #bizboos. What does that mean? Basically through the randomness of the internet we found each other, have similar goals and aspirations, and realized that together chasing our dreams we could NEVER be caught!

imageBasically the rules are this:

  1. Answer the questions about yourself that your nominating blogger chooses for you.
  2. Nominate new blogs that you feel deserve the award.
  3. Create a list of questions for your nominated bloggers to answer.
  4. Make sure you include the logo, the guidelines and links to whoever nominated you.


Barbie asked me a set of questions so you can get to learn a little bit about me and they are below…

  • What made you want to start a blog? I’ve actually always wanted to start a blog. Ever since I was a teenager.  I started a few times and like the 95% of bloggers who throw in the towel when they don’t become an instant internet sensation– I quit. Quit? I know. But that was who I was then. That isn’t who I am now.  I’ve always felt that I had a message to share, something that could help so many people, and I’ve wanted to be able to reach as many people as I can.
  • How did you come up with the name you chose? Names are hard to come up with! I always wish it was something I stumbled across — otherwise it feels too forced. Becky’s Balance was a little forced but now that I’ve settled into it, I love it!  Alliteration aside, as an honest-to-God true LIBRA, my life has always been about being balanced in arguments and opinions.  As I’ve grown older and in full swing #adulting, I found how little balance I actually had in my life… and how little balance ANYONE seemed to have in their life. I decided to start sharing MY journey to find happiness and balance and hope that maybe it helped a few people along the way.
  • What is your favorite way to de-stress? Oh boy… It depends on the day! I’m super ADD, Type-A so when I get stressed and wound up (which is alot) there are a bunch of different ways I’ve found to help me take a breath.  First is running.  I hate running, but once I started getting into the routine of it, I realized it was time for me to think and work through issues I was chewing on. When I don’t run for awhile I actually feel more anxious.  I also love doing things with my  hands – coloring books, building something, arts and crafts, painting, something where there’s no wrong answer! Finally– give me a good playlist of some top-20s pop songs and I am gonna sing and “dance” the stress away. Maybe I’m cleaning, maybe I’m driving my car… but a little Britney Spears or Maroon 5 and I’m singing my way to happiness!
  • Tell me about a time you felt STUCK…and what helped you through it. I can think of a thousand times I’ve felt stuck–just this month.  I used to have this job that I loved and hated.  The job itself was amazing, it gave me purpose. But the people higher up than me didn’t have faith in me to do the job.  Not because of anything I had done wrong, but because I didn’t meet their expectations on the type of person they believed should hold the position (we’ll leave it at that).  I was depressed, I felt stupid, I hated everything about being in that job. I couldn’t just quit– I had bills, and student loans, and everything else one needs a job for.  I was SO MISERABLE, and wasn’t having any luck finding another job. I literally was physically and emotionally STUCK in that place. I won’t lie and say I kept a positive attitude, becuase I didn’t.  What I DID do was my job. I showed up every day and did what was asked of me and more. I didn’t give anyone a SINGLE reason to doubt me. And I kept my 3-5 year plan on the horizon, looking for new jobs and opportunities to help me get out of there.  Sometimes we are just going to be stuck for awhile. That’s life. But if you give into the suck, and you stop being the best you can be and stop pushing forward… THAT is what keeps you there. “…just keep swimming..”
  • What do you do when you’re not blogging? It might be easier to ask what DON’T I do! I love to travel and try new things.  I’ve been called a ‘serial hobbiest’ before. I have golf clubs, bowling ball and shoes, volleyball, I paint, I bike, I run, I’m a photographer, I like to read, I like to write, I LOVE to cook, I work a full time corporate job.  BUT I also will sit on the couch with wheel of fortune and jeopardy on and fuck around on my phone for a few hours doing NOTHING. I’m super energetic and super lazy at the same time.
  • What is your favorite thing about an internet community? It’s so easy to find like-minded individuals regardless of where you live.  And if you move– no problem! I’ve moved a lot and it’s so hard to find people who you have a lot in common with sometimes… but not online. It brings so many people together to meet their goals!
  • What is your GO TO health or fitness tip? Consistency. Consistency. CONSISTENCY.  We all see the 60-90 days plans to skinny. It doesn’t work that way. Small, sustainable changes that you stay consistent with is the only way for you to meet your goals and KEEP YOUR GOALS! Stay consistent and I promise you, you will not fail!
  • I’m a big supporter of soul-care; what is one of your favorite self-care rituals? I love a bubble bath with epsom salts and a glass of wine. I’m anxious so usually they only last like 20 minutes. But it is amazing! You’re detoxing your body, and you’re forcing yourself to sit still and be quiet to just let your mind reset!
  • Chocolate or vanilla? ooooo….. vanilla.
  • Spring or fall? OOO these are hard! Um…..fall!
  • Think about yourself 5 years ago, what piece of advice would you have for her to ease the journey? Keep fighting for what you want. The job, the man, the dreams. Even when people tell you that you are reaching to high, ignore them, and keep fighting.  If you dedicate yourself to your goals you WILL NOT FAIL!
  • Think about yourself 5 years from now, what do you think she’d tell you now? I love this question. This is something I think about all the time. My goal is always to be the ‘ideal’ version of myself 5, 10, 15 years from now. Keep chasing her! Her advice: STOP TRYING TO PLAN EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. Life is going to move forward regardless. Sometimes it’s ok to just let it happen! Oh and… buy the new shoes if you want them– that’s happiness too 😉

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about the girl who gives you workouts and recipes.  Stay tuned for Part 2 where I nominate two more bloggers!