I was in Atlanta recently and a friend asked me to join him on a 6am cycle class before a conference we were going to.  I wholeheartedly agreed.  I’m training for a Metric Century in September and I was DETERMINED to run once and cycle once on my trip. Cycling would be difficult since I obviously didn’t bring my bike with me!

He told me to meet him at Torque Cycle in Atlanta.  I show up and I see this swanky little gym.  If you know me, you KNOW I’m a bit of a gym snob.  I love a clean, organized, gym that has lots of offerings for their members.

They had a whole wall of private showers that opened up to an area with a huge mirror, hair bands, hair spray, spray deodorant, hair dryer, cotton swabs…. And that doesn’t include the actual shower amenities.  You know it’s good when you like the shower better than your own at home!  A rack of super plush towels, and the MOST AMAZING shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and facial cleanser. I was in GYM HEAVEN!

I’ve only been to a handful of the free cycle classes at my gym and it compared to those classes.  Hills, sprints, some cool downs, weights… it was amazing.  Oh yeah – I almost forgot.  I had someone walk me through how the bike works, setting it up to fit my height perfectly, and how the computer on the bike worked.  They were all SUPER NICE!  I want to call this part out – “they were super nice” because I’ve been to a lot of gyms as a new member and it’s actually surprising how many places are rude or talk down to me because I’m new and don’t know how things work.  These ladies were so nice I could have hugged them when I left.

The class was a nice group of 20 and they showed the stats for every bike up on big screens.  It added a dose of healthy competition to the mix.  I was obviously looking to see how bike 16 (me) was tracking against bike 17 (my friend) to make sure I was beating him! For the record, he beat me — and he even got off the bike a few minutes before me to grab a shower before anyone else.

After the class, as I’m drying my hair, the instructor comes over (remembers my name since I was new to the class that day) and offers me coffee and asks if I need anything.  Do I need anything? Yes, to live here, and come here every day!

I am a huge fan of this place.  If anyone lives in Atlanta or even just passing through, I highly suggest checking this place out! You will not be sorry.  I’m in Atlanta every so often and already asked about signing up for a package so I can hit the gym here every time I’m in town! You can check out their website HERE!

Don’t be afraid to check out new gyms when you’re traveling, or even on vacation.  It doesn’t feel like a chore, it’s super fun to meet new people and explore the area.


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