I could have thought of a hundred excuses as to why I just couldn’t train this weekend (30 mile bike ride Saturday, 6 mile run Sunday).

I had a crazy weekend, I was already exhausted and the heat index was over 100 degrees.  Oh yeah I definitely DID NOT wake up early to work out either day.

This is a place we all find ourselves.  We have ‘legitimate reasons’ why we can’t workout, or study extra, or prepare for work… [insert whatever the task is here]. There are definitely reasons that we sometimes have to skip out on a run or a ride. But let’s talk about why you SHOULDN’T.

If you’ve had a busy week, lots going on, and you just don’t ‘have it in you’ to do your workout – DO IT ANYWAYS.  When you have a week where everything goes awry, sticking to your workout plan will be the one aspect that you were able to stick to. Keep the consistency, keep to the plan whenever you can.

If you’re exhausted because you’ve been training a lot, maybe not sleeping as well, then definitely take it easy, but still complete the distance.  Between the heat and a miserable weekend, I was NOT feeling my 6 mile run.  It was high 80s when I finally got myself out there, and I just didn’t want to run. Fine. I was completing 6 miles regardless of how long it took.  It took me 1:12. I walk/jogged it. And you know what, I felt proud of myself in the end for sticking to it instead of just saying ‘nah, I’ll go back to bed and feel sorry for myself.

I can promise you at least 9 times out of 10, you’ll never regret doing the workout… you’ll only regret NOT doing it.

Keep on, keeping on!