This is my last week of pre-training.  I have the three races in the fall and I’ve spent the last month…month and a half getting back into the groove of working out 5-6 times per week.  The consistency as been great, I’m tired but feeling amazing since doing the juice cleanse three weeks ago.

Next week starts actual training.  I’m using the runkeeper sub 2:15 Half Marathon training guide.  It’s free! It has me running 4 days a week. I’ve been running 2-3 days a week so this is really going to up the ante!!

I’m also adding in 3 days a week of cycling.  I’m training for a 64 mile race in September, but this will also be amazing cross training for the 10 Miler in October and Half Marathon in November.

The main goal: DO NOT OVER DO IT! I need to give the first two weeks fully to the plan.  I will see how my body is responding to the added workouts after that. I also need to make sure I’m recovering with the right foods after the workouts.  The protein pancakes are my absolute favorite so I will probably make a bunch of those up one night and freeze them!  Then after a run I an pop it in the toaster for a few minutes for perfect recovery!

Tonight I ran 4 miles.  Finished in 42 minutes.  It wasn’t humid today so it was beautiful to run.  I’ve been staying consistent at the 10:30-11:00 pace.  I’m hoping in another month I can keep that pace through the heat and then start bringing that pace lower the closer we get to the race!

I’m enjoying the non-pressure of this week. I’m always nervous to start a new training program.  I gave myself wiggle room this time so I can take a week or two off during training.  Once for another juice about half way through, and another week for injury, overwork, sickness, etc.   It helps keep the pressure off an exact 16 week program!

Happy Running!