I’m trying to take a different approach to training this time.  I don’t want to end up doing 6 or 7 workouts a week since I’m training for both a bike and running race, but I don’t want to jip either out of proper training.

I decided to have cross training sprint days.  If you’ve ever trained for a triathalon you know bike/run days as ‘bricks’ where you do a full cycling workout and a full running workout.  Either workout could be a standalone, but you’re just doing them back to back.  This is a brick.

I decided to make up my own term– that’s the posh thing to do now, right?  CTS or cross training sprints.  I do a sprint bikeride first.  It’s a shorter distance and I try to cycle as fast as I can.  After I hit my mark I switch shoes and do a sprint workout.  15ish minutes of sprints.

This should result in totally dead legs.  The whole point is to push you to go faster than you normally do.  Just like long rides/runs are slower paced but force longer distances (typical Sunday morning marathon training run), these are the exact opposite. Short. Push HARD!

Today I did a 5 mile bike ride (Goal was under 20 minutes, did it in 18:40) and a 1.25 mile sprint workout (Goal was 11 minutes, did it in 11:20). Let me tell you. I’m wiped out. Seriously.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me and thank goodness! Now, I need to get my post workout-fuel!