Hey everyone!

I’m so excited to finally launch my training series.  I started running back in 2009.  I ran my first race in Philadelphia – it was a half marathon.  I totally fell in love. You wanna know the funny part? I WASN’T A RUNNER. When I signed up for the race I had never run a full mile without stopping before.  I was a college volleyball player who couldn’t run a mile —  it was a personal challenge for me. But eventually I went from half a mile jogs to a full marathon! WOW!

Every year a run a few races.  This year I didn’t do too many because the last two years I’ve been dealing with some ankle issues.  My goal for 2016 was to re-train, SLOWLY, on the ankle so that it didn’t give out on my runs due to over use.  I have a brace and all signs look good so far.

I talk to so many people like myself who want to run a race but don’t consider themselves ‘runners’ or ‘athletes’ so they don’t know how to train and eat properly. They are overwhelmed by the process. I’m here to share my story and struggles with you.

A few stats about me

  • I average been a 9:00 and 11:00 mile pace on runs.
  • I’ve run 4 full marathons, ~15 half marathons, ~4 10 milers, and countless 10k’s and below
  • I bought a road bike in 2015 (Trek Domane 4.3) and while I’m not super confident on the bike, I signed up for my first race this year

2016 Races I signed up for and will be racing:

  • September – Save-a-Limb Metric Century
  • October – Army 10 Miler Race
  • November – Richmond Half Marathon


I’m really excited to share my training plans, how I fuel my body before, during, and after, and how I recover.  There will be triumphs and struggles but I’m excited to go on this journey with you!

See you out on the road!