It’s time to GET YOUR GREENS!

If you aren’t already using a greens blend, you need to get on it. I’m being serious.  I bet you think you don’t need one – you eat a salad every so often, and green veggies for dinner — so I don’t need anything more, right? WRONG!

The greens that you are eating…

  • Are they raw?
  • Are they organic?
  • Are the ingredients and the farms vetted?
  • Are you getting the highest quality of chlorella, spirulina, enzymes, and mushrooms?
  • Do you truly believe that the quality and quantity of vegetables you consume every day are giving your body what it really needs?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you probably aren’t.  That’s ok — I wasn’t either!  I tried to choke down a thick green glass of grass clippings and said ‘yuck, give me my bag of frozen peas’ and then my amazing friend Rebekah Borucki said ‘girl — you gotta try these greens.’ I did, and I never looked back and neither will you!

I’m here to offer you the greens blend that your body is craving, the nutrients you need, and in a taste that you WANT!

Follow me and I promise I’ll change the way you look at nutrition!

You can buy these amazing greens here->

Wanna taste before you buy? Email me at and ask for a sample?