Over the years I’ve learned a lot about what workout plans work and don’t work… and which ones work for me and which don’t.  There are some plans I did where I looked great….like really good.  But I burned out so fast, that it wasn’t sustainable.

My approach the last two weeks (which has proved about 5lbs lost and 4 inches lost) is to plan out my workouts and goals on Sundays.

I posted a photo earlier on Instagram, here it is: img_0701

So the top left shows my workout goals for the week.  Note there are no dates, times, details attached.  These are the 5 workouts I want to accomplish during the week.  Other than the long runs on Sundays (getting ready for half marathon training), the rest of the workouts I can choose what days I do these workouts.  Sometimes after work, I know I’m just not going to have a successful track workout day, I’m exhausted and frustrated, and it won’t be great… but i can go on a nice 3-4 mile run to clear my head.  I listen to my body and do the workouts as they feel right.   My track workouts change every week but include sprints, suicides, hill sprints, and bleacher runs.  The WOD includes squats, lunges, pushups, planks, dips, kettle bell swings, etc.  My bike ride has been 10-15 miles, and will start to increase each week.  This week the goal will be 15-19 Miles.

The bottom right includes the small daily goals I want to work on. I know that with the increased workouts, I need to be drinking lots of water.  100oz of water is my goal during the day.  I also want to make sure I’m drinking a protein shake and a greens blend drink every day to give my body the nutrients that I need to sustain these types of workouts.  I also want to wake up early and go for a nice walk or slow jog two days out of the week — meditate, listen to a podcast… just focus on anything but work.  The biggest one for this week= NO COMPLAINING.  This will be very hard for me. But it’s important I start removing the negativity from my life.  Lastly, I want to finish Kate Hudson’s book ‘Pretty happy’

I try to put a quote, mantra, saying… something positive to focus on during the week.  I thought this was appropriate considering my ‘no complaining’ week!

Feel free to join in with me on my workouts this week!!