A few years ago, I ran high school track.  Let me be a little more specific… I was on the track team; I did not run.  I did high jump, triple jump, long jump, and for part of senior year javelin.

Track workouts were the bane of my existence. Seriously – I was not a good runner, I hated running, and I had severe anxiety about each track practice. I always came in last, I could never breathe… I felt week and inadequate.  I wasn’t a star jumper but I placed in just about every meet.

When I graduated high school, and then college, I continued to do track workouts to keep in shape and work on my speed.  I admit, I haven’t done one in a few years but I got back at it last night.

Whether you are a 5k runner or a marathon runner sprints are vital.  They help with speed. The TYPES of sprints you do should vary depending on what distance you are preparing for.  Or if you’re like me… and enjoy torture… you do them just for fun as part of your weekly routine!

Here is last night’s workout:

  • 2 lap warmup jog
  • ACTIVE stretching (high knees, butt kicks, lunges, etc)
  • Regular Stretching (touch your toes, etc)
  • Complete 8 laps sprinting the straight aways (100M x 2) and walking or jogging the bends (100M x 2)
  • 5x suicides (25M distance run from your starting point 25M, touch the ground and return to the start. Repeat that 5 times for one set)
  • 5x suicides (Same as above but 10M distance)
  • 5x stadium runs (run up and down each set up stairs in the bleachers and sprint back to the start. That’s one set)
  • 2 lap cool down