Part 4 in my Becky’s Balanced New Year series goes very close with Part 1 (Consistency).  I specifically remember a scene from Grey’s Anatomy where Izzy said “I believe that if you eat a tub of butter and nobody sees, the calories don’t count!”

How many times have we ‘snuck’ food so that nobody else could see? Heck, I still do it.  I have almost a whole meal before my boyfriend comes home from work sometimes. For some weird reason, we’ve convinced ourselves that if nobody sees it happen, it doesn’t count. “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching”

It’s time for us to start standing up for ourselves.  Don’t sneak food so that others can see you. DON’T SNEAK FOOD.  First of all – food shouldn’t have a good or bad connotation for it.  It shouldn’t be a punishment or reward  We have to get away from that mentality. Anyone who’s read ‘The Whole 30’ will know that straight off the bat! Secondly, skipping workouts and eating bad food whether people see you do it or not affects YOUR BODY! You are only hurting yourself.

I once had a coach in school who never watched us super close in gym class when we were doing our physical fitness tests.  He said “if you cheat, or you half-ass the workout, the only person it hurts is you” It’s SO TRUE.

We need to stay accountable to ourselves.  The best way to stay accountable is to find a buddy! I’m serious.  There are no rules to how this has to work.  Right now, my fitness buddy is my good friend Leslie who lives in Hawaii.  I live in Virginia.  There is no excuse as to why you don’t have one! You can text eachother your workouts and your meals to help stay on track.  If you get a donut at work tell them! They don’t care.  They aren’t doing to shun you, they’ll say ‘Well, just push extra hard on your workout and don’t forget to pack yourself a snack for work tomorrow’

If you don’t have a buddy, or don’t feel comfortable asking someone to be your buddy, ASK ME!  I post workouts, recipes, and motivation all the time.  Post a workout on @BeckysBalance on facebook or tag me @BeckyLauren.  I’ll always like and comment on your posts to give you motivation and let you know that someone is 100% behind you!

At the end of the day, with whatever works for you, be accountable to yourself.  You only have one body and one life; treat it with respect. Love yourself.