Today might be a harder challenge for those of you living in the city or suburbia (like myself). How often do you deep clean your mattress, wash the pillows, sheets (ok we do this all the time) and comforter.

My version of deep cleaning the mattress is spraying fabreeze on it. HAH.  I read online to sprinkle baking soda over the mattress, let set for about an hour, and then use the vaccuum to suck it all back up.  This is what I’ve tried before and it seemed to work well.  I definitely tend to sweat when I sleep, all that gross moisture is just sitting in my mattress.  The baking soda helps to soak up any moisture of smells and then the vacuum sucks it all up!

Pillow — you have to check what type they are.  Not all pillows can go in the washer or dryer, and those that an don’t always fit.  I recommend the baking soda method and hang outside of possible too!

Sheets- that’s easy. Wash them.  But if there are holes in them, or they’re over 5 years old… it’s time to upgrade.  You sleep on them every night and sleep is super important! AT LEAST 1000 thread count please! Your body will thank you.

The comforter.  Well, rarely do we have a washer big enough for the job.  This is usually a take to a laundromat situation.  I always try to find a ‘green’ laundromat, that doesn’t use chemicals and actually washes the comforter in a huge washer and dryer. On the in between — if you’re able — hang it outside in the fresh air for a few hours.  It will smell sooooo goood.  (Always check for bugs before bringing them back in haha)

Today is a serious job.  It will take some serious time.  It’s why I posted it on a Friday.  You can work on it today, or take the weekend to conquer it!

Good luck!!