Today… is going to take you some time.  If you’re doing this after work, you’re probably going to want to do this with a class of wine.  If you’re doing this during the day…. you’re probably going to want a glass of wine!

We are organizing the closets and the drawers!  But good news!!  THIS is what we think of when we think of spring cleaning… right?!  Ripping everything out of the closets, and donating the stuff you don’t wear and then seeing how open and marvelous your closet looks!!! (For at least a day before somehow everything goes back to the disorganized mess it started as).

I say, start with the drawers, they’re easier than the closet.  You’ll want the quick win.  Drawer by drawer, take everything out and then re-fold and put back in.  You can EASILY find one piece of clothing from each drawer to donate.  (P.S. You should have a donate bag/box/bin/moving truck for this!)

Are your drawers divided up in a way that makes sense?  Do you need three drawers for workout stuff or could it fit into one?!  The reverse of that… are you trying to fit into one drawer what should be in three?!

Those old T-shirts from college you don’t wear anymore. Either get rid of them, or turn them into a memorable throw blanket.  The sports bras where the elastic is dry rotted. TOSS IT!  Stop holding onto these things!

We hold onto so many things and we don’t even know why.  We won’t have a mental challenge today, because this is going to be hard enough as it is.  But think about why you are holding onto all these things.  Do we hold onto the clothes we only fit into when we were 20 pounds lighter because one of these days we’ll start eating better. START DOING IT NOW! BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE!!

The closets are much more complicated because you are talking about three different aspects: the floor space, the hanging space, the storage space above the hanging space!  Take it one area at a time. Every shoe, every sock, every shirt, dress, pair of slacks, out of season clothing… EVERYTHING comes out.  If you’ve ever read the happiness project she writes an amazing section on cleaning out the closet.  At one point she says something like “why do I have 5 pairs of black suit pants.  They all look identical and I only wear the one pair over and over” She finally got rid of all the pair she didn’t wear.  Think about this as you go through the clothes.  What are you holding onto for sentimental value.  Is it really that sentimental?  If yes, keep it.  But every piece shouldn’t hold something near and dear to your heart “But I wore these shoes the day I bought that purse on sale…”  NO. Just no.

Pinterest has tons of ideas on how to organize the closet.  No two closets are the same and I can’t pretend to be a closet expert.  I am an expert on life (ha just kiding)! You should be taking at least one bag to the donation bin after this.  Also — fun fact, most donation places will let you schedule a pick up… so you don’t even have to find one of those bins to donate the clothes in!!

I hope you have fun doing this, AND you find all your shoes in pairs, but not the socks, because that would be weird 😛