For those of you in the north east (ish) area, it seems like summer is a distant memory.  It hasn’t been warming up tooo much lately in Washington, D.C.  Everyone has their New Year’s Resolutions they haven’t kept to.

If you’re like most (and even I’m guilty too) we don’t keep 100% to our New Year’s Resolutions. Beach bodies are made in the winter. Duh!  I’ve been working hard, but I haven’t been giving my best.  It’s April 15, and I’m challenging you (and asking you) to spend the next 15 days to dig your nutrition and fitness New Year’s Resolutions back up! I’m asking for 15 straight days of eating healthy and working out!  Are you with me?!

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, yogi, lifter, vegan, carnivore, or a mix of it all (like me), commit to a better YOU for the next 15 days.

Let me be clear on something though, this is a not a 15 day fast, cleanse, starve yourself plan.  This is 15 days to eat GOOD clean food, and dust off the sneakers!  When May 1 hits, I want you to have a big ‘ol smile on your face with me!

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Now common… LETS DO IT!!!