Today is the last day for cleaning the bathroom, and it’s going to be a doozy!

  1. Clean the toilet.  In, around, under, and BEHIND the toilet
  2. Clean the sink, the cabinets, the mirror
  3. The floor (to include under the sink, around the toilet, and in the corners)

Personally, I hate cleaning the bathroom, and never do a proper scrub down.  I keep Clorox wipes and wipe everything down once a week, but don’t really scrub it.  And now that I think about it… what a disgusting mess!  It makes me want to shower – luckily I’m in the right room for it!! haha

We’ve finished cleaning the dirtiest room of the house.  Lets clean out the dirtiest part of the mind: self doubt.  I want you to think about something you’ve been doubting yourself on.  Maybe it’s at work, or in a relationship, or at home.  Maybe it’s something new you want to try but don’t have the confidence.  Whatever it is – think about it. I want you to make it your priority!  Find a partner in crime to do it with you.  Everything is better with a buddy!