To Do List:

  • Clean the shower/tub
  • Clean the shower curtain
  • Go through all the toiletries stacking up in the shower area

I definitely do not get on my hands and knees with a scrub brush and clean out the tub and the corners of the tub and under the soap dish. A little bleach goes a long way.

I actually keep some mold/mildew spray to spray after every shower on the shower curtain because it’s SO HARD to keep it from getting gross.  I also mix baking soda and water and spray it on the shower curtain.  Wait a few minutes and then spray some vinegar on it… use a wash cloth with the shower on to clean it off! (hey a shower and cleaning at the same time hehe)

We all tend to have a couple shampoos, body washes, soaps, washclothes, rubber duckies stacking up in the shower.  If you have 5 body washes open, put four away and use them up one at a time.  Less clutter and a clean shower will lead to a much better showering experience!