Go through your towels!

If you’re like me, you have a HUGE closet filled with towels.  I’m not quite sure why we accumulate so many towels, but we do!  Do you have 15 bath towels for just you and your significant other??

Do you have some dirty or stained towels? You can cut one up to use as rags. Put one in the garage for cleaning up messy spills.

Do you have a lot of nice towels left? Donate them! Shelters get a lot of clothes but don’t always get towels and hygiene items!

Look at all the extra free space you have now!

Today I want you to free up some space in your soul.  LET GO of any negative feelings you’re holding onto. Acknowledge the feelings “I feel unwanted” “I don’t feel good enough” “I feel fat” OK.  You feel this way. But now it’s time to stop feeling this way.  I feel unwanted because my boyfriend doesn’t spend the same amount of time with me.  I’m going to set up a date night for us! We’ve both been busy and we’re making US a priority!

Be happy!