This was a book given to me by a dear friend when I decided to take the plunge and start my own business. She said this changed the way she looked at her obstacles!

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We’ve heard it over and over again to ‘make up in hard work for wherever you may be disadvantaged.’  There’s a reason there’s always an underdog story.  Because those of us who think we’re at the worst starting point work our asses off to catch up to the big dogs, but in the process we posture ourselves better than we ever thought we could be!

I recommend this book to anyone who’s thinking about or just starting a new journey.  Whether it’s a new business venture, a lifestyle change (eating healthier working out more), or just looking for some motivation to help them get to the next level.  There’s tons of stories in here about how small changes GO FAR!

This book also has links, tips and tricks, and forms to fill out to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Ideas to help you start charting your path to success and understanding your ‘why’.

Usually I list out what I’ve underlined but there’s SO MUCH from this book that I loved, I’ll share some of my favorites with you!

Owning 100%The instructor wrote 100/0 on the board. “You have to be willing to give 100 percent with zero expectation of receiving anything in return.  Only when you’re willing to take 100% responsibility for making the relationship work will it work.  Otherwise, a relationship left to chance will always be vulnerable to disaster”  This example was about romantic relationships, but it really could be applied to anything.  Life isn’t going to meet you half way.  You have to give it all and ENJOY THE JOURNEY if you expect to get anything out of it: money, love, HAPPINESS!

Richard Branson’s response when asked if he felt luck played a part of his success: “Yes, of course, we are all lucky.  If you live in a free society, you are lucky.  Luck surrounds us every day; we are constantly having lucky things happen to us, whether you recognize it or not.  I have not been any more lucky or unlucky than anyone else.  The difference is when luck came my way, I took advantage of it.”

I actually really loved this one…  The Complete Formula for Getting Lucky:Preparation (personal growth) + Attitude (belief/mindset) + Opportunity (a good thing coming your way) + Action (doing something about it) = LUCK

The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not. (What is that quote by Thomas Edison? Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work. Yeah. Boom.)

All winners are trackers.

A single poor habit, which doesn’t look like much in the moment, can ultimately lead you miles off course from the direction of your goals and the life you deserve.