I’m a nerd at heart.  So when I am going through something, I buy books on it and do my research.  I find it helpful to try and understand a problem and figure out the right way for me to work through it.

I bought this book years ago, in high school or college, because I was feeling a lot of anxiety. It is just one of MANY MANY books out there that walk you through what anxiety is, how it works, and how we can fight against it.

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It breaks down how the nervous systems works, and what bodily functions (heart rate, breathing…) change based on how anxiety hits you.  “Even during the times when they begin to calm down, any minor circumstance can set them off once again.  After you have been in a state of hyper-arousal for a long period of time, the sympathetic nervous system “learns” to be triggered at the slightest provocation.  At this point, panic attacks may develop”

One of the biggest points this book made was the distinction between ‘relaxation’ and ‘distraction’ which is important.  Those of us with anxiety are told to ‘do something to distract ourselves’ which doesn’t actually solve the issue. It also discusses the importance of EXERCISE, which a lot of books tend to leave out.  Specifically it suggests “…to exercise, first, especially to the point of exhaustion.  After you discharge excess adrenaline and energy, it may be easier to relax.’  When you become physically active the minute your anxiety symptoms begin, you satisfy your body’s need to act and tell your mind that the danger has passed and it can turn off the alarm signals. YES YES YES.  I love this!  Exercise isn’t an end all be all, but when all that extra adrenaline is rushing through our bodies this is a fantastic way to put it to a good use and work through it!

Making deep relaxation a daily practice makes deep relaxation a daily occurrence. I wholeheartedly believe in daily mindful guided meditation. I hated it at first, and thought it was dumb, and now I couldn’t imagine life without it!

Oh my gosh.  SO MANY GOOD TIPS!  “Do not try to relax. Do not try to control your body. Do not judge your performance.  The point is to LET GO.”  IT is impossible for the mind to be anxious when the body is truly relaxed.

This book also walks you through exercises and meditation.  Step by step.  Super simple, easy to grasp, easy to keep up with!

The book dies into your diet.  How caffeine, sugar, and processed foods can be triggers.

It’s all about balance.  What you eat, how you move, and how you think will directly effect your overall happiness.  Start with one aspect and work on it day by day!