The next few days we will be focusing on the BATHROOM.  YUCK.  Another room we clean a lot but don’t always focus on all the corners and annoying areas.

We’ll start easy: The medicine cabinets and storage areas.  We all have those areas where we shove things so they are hidden and out of the way.  The drawer with the old toothbrush we would never put in our mouth again.  The old vitamins or random odds and ends that you didn’t feel like dealing with.  DEAL WITH THEM.  Scrub all the areas down and throw away what you don’t use anymore! You must unhide all the junk!

Your challenge on this one is to look at all the medicines you have.  Is there anything you could replace?  Maybe instead of the sleeping medicine, you try working out, turning off electronics before bed, guided meditation.  Is there a way to minimize the medicines you’re taking?  Maybe not, but maybe it’s a great time to re-evaluate!