Today is the last day in the kitchen! woohoo!  You have been doing awesome!

Today we’re cleaning the stove-top, all your kitchen surface areas, and floor.  We probably clean these areas the most.  But I want you to REALLY clean it today.  Take everything off your counter tops and clean in the corners, up the wall next to it, in the ridges.  Same with the floor – get the corners, clean those tough stains we ignore!

Just as we clean these areas often, but not REALLY clean, we treat our emotional health the same way.

We go through the motions. When we have a bad day we huff and puff and say “I’m lucky, I’m beautiful, I’m a worthy person bla bla bla, yeah yeah.”  If this is you, raise your hand *raises hand*

Don’t just go through those motions – convince yourself!  Treat yourself like you were trying to cheer up your best friend!  Don’t just roll your eyes as you tell yourself you’re an amazing human being – BELIEVE you are an amazing person who deserves all the love in the world.  Because guess what. YOU DO!