Today, you aren’t going to be very happy with me.  I’m sorry.  Today is the day of cleaning the dreaded fridge!

I KNOW.  I know.  It sucks.  There’s that little bit of mystery goo in the shelf on the door.  There’s some sort of fruit stuck to the bottom of a drawer, and don’t even ask me how apple juice got on the roof of the fridge.

Today is a hard one, and we’ve been avoiding it for waaaaaay too long!  My suggestion is to do it in sections.  First the door, then drawers, then shelves. Empty it totally out, and use a warm washrag with soap and water to clean it out.

Also, it’s time to add some color to your fridge!  Get some berries and greens and fresh produce in there!!  If you’re going to have a clean fridge — make it truly ‘clean’.  A second tip – go through all the pictures, postcards, and flyers half-hazardly attached to your fridge.  If they are meaningful, add them to a memory box. Add menus and flyers to a drawer or cabinet.  A clean fridge door really opens up the kitchen!

Despite our best efforts our fridge gets, well, gross. Our mind gets cluttered with things we didn’t realize slipped in either.  As you’re cleaning out the fridge I want you to meditate on a few things.

Think about the insecurities you’ve been feeling lately.  Do you feel like your friends don’t spend as much time with you?  Maybe you feel like your boss isn’t giving you as much respect as you deserve.  Sometimes we start feeling this way without any reason or proof.  And then all of a sudden there’s a big stain in our brains about something that isn’t even true.  We don’t know how the thoughts got there, and they’re hard to get rid of.  Try to confront these thoughts in your brain and wash them away (just like the apple juice in the back of the fridge!).

It’s hard to confront these feelings, and sometimes they’ve even a ‘safety blanket’ we use as an excuse to not be our best shining self.  I promise you’ll feel a million times better if you let go of these feelings!