Day 3 is an easy cleaning day.  We’re going to wipe down our pantry.  Whether it’s a closet, a few shelves, or a corner; our pantries tend to get littered with crumbs and food that we don’t take the time to pick up.  Run through with a vacuum and a wipe to make sure everything is cleaned up!  This will help keep food sanitized and critters away!

Day 3 we’re going to focus on some food for the soul. When you’re done cleaning out the pantry, give yourself a few minutes in a quiet spot (hey, maybe it’s locking yourself IN the pantry) and I want you to head over to and try one of her guided meditation sessions.  It’s 100% free and it’s only FOUR MINUTES! Take some deep breaths and focus on yourself. I guarantee you’ll feel so amazing after those four little minutes are over!