You made it past the oven and microwave cleaning. Congrats.  Now I’m going to start making it a little difficult on you.  You’re going to have to multi task!  I want you to be cleaning out your house, and cleaning out your soul!

Day 2 you will be cleaning out your dishwasher and your appliances in the kitchen.  It’s SO important to make sure all the food particles are cleaned out of your dishwasher.  It can help keep funny smells and mold from forming, but also keep your dishes sanitized!  Also, the wall and floor around the dishwasher can get yuck too from food spills.

Your appliances get so dirty without even thinking.  The grease on appliances near the stove, your kitchen aid that you never use and collects dust, the top of the blender that gets gross– YUCK!

There are so many appliances in the kitchen that we neglect to clean, that only take a little bit of time.  Just like we forget to clean out the corners of our minds to clear thoughts that stick with us.

While you’re cleaning the dishwasher and appliances, I want you to think about something that’s been bothering you lately.  Maybe something with your friend or significant other, maybe a project at work.  Perhaps you’re being too hard on yourself for not working out or making a mistake.  When you identify something that’s been bothering you, make an action plan on how you will take steps to solve and and do it! A small tick can turn into a lingering issue – resolution is much easier than you think.  DEFINITELY easier than scrubbing the toaster 😛