I thought long and hard about the April challenge and I realized the only thing that makes sense is a spring cleaning challenge!

This isn’t just your normal spring cleaning challenge.  We will focus on cleaning out every dark dusty corner – in your closets, in your mind, and in your life.  April tends to be spring cleaning month. It’s starting to warm up so we open the windows and start cleaning out the house.  Depending on where you live, April showers also tend to bring May flowers! 😉 So if you’re stuck inside, it’s a great excuse to pick a corner and work at it!

Every day I will post new cleaning/cleansing tips.  I suggest you check in with me every day, not just because I want you to come to my site, but because tackling this one day at a time is much easier than trying to ‘catch up’ and doing it all at once!

I am SO excited for this one and I guarantee you’ll notice the difference at the end of this month!  Your house will be more open… and so will your soul 🙂