It’s actually interesting how often I come up against this question.  Maybe it’s not this question exactly, but it’s the best way I’ve found to describe it.

Somehow, we’ve gotten to this place as a society, where we need people to fit into these cookie-cutter groups.  You’re vegan? Hippie.  You like bonfires and country music? Redneck.  Even the way we workout has put us into groups.  The crossfitters vs marathon runners vs yogis.  “oh… you don’t crossfit?” “you only run a 10 minute mile?” It’s absolutely insane to me!  You’d think the common interest of physical fitness would bring groups together instead of push them farther apart! This goes deeper than just witty fitness attire “do you even lift?”

I’ve never fit into a particular group, and I like it that way.  I’m my own person, just like you are your own person.  I have a mostly plant based diet, but I eat steak and burgers too. I believe that farming has become more about making money than respecting the land, but you won’t see me buying everything organic or farm raised.  I played volleyball in college, but you won’t see me run much faster than a 10 minute mile. I’ve done crossfit, I do yoga, I have Beachbody DVDs, I cycle, I run [slow] marathons.  You can also catch me lounging on the couch playing with my phone or reading a book any night of the week.

Maybe all of this leads back to the fact that I’m a libra – life is about balance (or being indecisive) and having the best of all worlds life has to offer. I don’t fit into the stereotypes, and I’m content with that.

I’m asking everyone reading this to be conscious about how you interact with other humans on this planet. Don’t make assumptions, jump to conclusions, or assume that because someone eats, works out, or enjoys certain things that they fit into some perceived group of people.

We’re all beautiful, we’re all balanced in just the right way to ensure our own happiness. And honestly, that’s all that matters!