A lot of people have been asking me lately how I keep a fitness routine through the winter. I absolutely hate the cold, and want to coop myself up in the house instead of working out.  I need to make a specific action plan to make sure I keep moving forward. Otherwise, May is just around the corner and I’ll be looking at those extra few pounds on me wishing I started sooner.  We all know a summer body is built in the winter.

I believe in the monthly challenge! Each month during the winter, or all year long if you’d like, choose one challenge for yourself. In January, I told myself I would run 100 total miles.  I wasn’t so much thinking about how much I didn’t want to work out, I was thinking about how to make the time to fit in those miles!

For February, I said I would cycle for 250 miles.  I purchased a trainer for my outdoor bike and set it up in my spare bedroom.  No excuses on this one.  It’s never too cold or too dark outside!  I have 16 miles left today to hit the 250 miles.

We are competitive creatures, especially against ourselves.  So if you create a monthly challenge, you’re goal is to not fail instead of being lazy.  I have found it to be so successful for me!

I released my March Challenge yesterday that I hope you join me in!  But I will also be working on toning my body up, since I’ve dropped 10 pounds so far this year!

I’ve been doing this for awhile so I know my limits and set lofty goals.  Start small.  If you have a fitbit (add me, beckysbalance@gmail.com), make it your goal to hit 10,000 steps every day during the month.  Maybe your goal is to cut carbs and add more veggies every day to your diet.  Whatever it is, pick something and focus on it for 30 days!

The other great thing about this, is you won’t get bored.  After 30 days, you move onto the next challenge!  It keeps you from getting bored, and your body from getting used to the workout.

As always, feel free to reach out to me and I can help you tailor a plan for YOU!

Happy Leap Day!