I had an epiphany recently. Seriously, I was stressing out, trying to be zen doing some yoga and not have an anxiety attack and the light bulb went off…

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

No shit, Shirlock.  We’ve all seen that post in Instagram and Pinterest.  And here I was and it all totally clicked. In the book “What Happy Women Know” Dan Baker describes it as the ‘if only’ paradox.  If only I lost 10 lbs I’d be happy with my body. If only I made 15,000 more a year I’d be happy.  But we are NEVER happy.  We are never content at the next level because there is always a next level.  Happiness consists of enjoying the ride, no matter where you are in life.

This all occurred to me as I was trying to decide between two jobs.  I had recently been laid off and I was agonizing over which would make me happier. Every second of every day I wondered which would make me more happy? Which would make me the least miserable? Each offered a different type of happiness and misery.  I just didn’t know which one was going to lead to a happier life.  ‘It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’ Neither job was going to MAKE me happy.  Happiness was how I went about looking at the situation.  Nothing was permanent, it was just the next choice that led to the next chapter in life.  There are no right or wrong decisions, just decisions.

I hope you all have that ‘aha’ moment at some point in your journey. Realizing that life is a journey, and if we don’t enjoy the ride we’ll spend the rest of time waiting to be happy. I am excited to say that I choose to be happy now!