Everything I’m doing this year has been for the sole purpose of helping me find happiness.  I understand that happiness is a journey instead of an ending point, but it seems like I haven’t even been able to start the journey the last year or so. This blog has been to document my journey and hold me accountable.

In the past month or so of me starting to ‘change my outlook on life’ I have been making a lot of smaller changes. I started working out again, started working on small DIY projects around the house I’ve been putting off, eating healthier, putting less pressure on myself to have to be busy ALL THE TIME, cooking, enjoying my french press…

I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend last night scheduling out the week ahead in my Passion Planner and I looked up and laughed a little to myself. This, of course, made my boyfriend nervous — because I’ve spend the last few months so miserable.  I’m sitting there, with two weeks left of my job before I’m let go end of this month with zero job prospects yet, but I felt happy.  Maybe it’s the honeymoon — I’ve been two weeks into my goals and sticking to them – type of temporary happy, but I felt very content with life.  It may not be permanent but I realized that all those small things have been making a big difference in my life.

We’re 19 days into 2016 and I felt my first glimmer of hope for the rest of the year.  It WILL be good.  I may not be happy 100% of the time, but if I get a few days like yesterday scattered throughout the year — I’ll call it a win!


P.S. Happiness isn’t for the rich, it’s for the willing.