I have never been much for sweets– I’d rather have a triple helping of dinner and skip desert. But every since living with my boyfriend who’s a sweet tooth himself, I find myself craving more sweets.

Especially moving to a healthier diet to drop a few pounds and get back on track, I needed a better way to curb those cravings.

Tonight I added this to my blender:

  • Frozen pineapple
  • Spoon full of fage plain yogurt
  • Half scoop strawberry recoverite
  • Half scoop vanilla muscle milk
  • Half cup almond milk

I’ve been really pushing my body and should be treating with protein and recoverite more. Calorie-wise we’re still looking at about 300 calories. But 300 calories of this is much etter than picking at snacks or eating ice cream.

pineapple delight