Today is the first day after the 3-Day Pressed Juicery cleanse that you’re probably tired of hearing about! Like me, I’m sure you all have been dreaming of bacon cheeseburgers, homemade mac and cheese, chipotle burritos, cupcakes, those little appetizers at… well, you get the point!

What you eat in the days coming off a cleanse is about as important as the cleanse itself.  You have just given your digestive system a break the past three days.  You’ve also not had any solid food in three days.  Today is not the day to make up lost calories.  You need to EASE back into the solid foods.  And you have to choose the right foods to put into your system.

If you are like me, you’ll have a few juices left over from the cleanse.  I use those to ease back into the first day. If you don’t.  Think two liquid meals, one solid meal for the first day or two back.  Smoothie’s and soups count as your liquid meals — but choose wisely.  Don’t eat something out of a can or bought in a store.  If you can’t pronounce all the ingredients, you should not be putting it in your body the day after a cleanse.  The Chalkboard has a great blog about coming off a master cleanse.  They have 9 super easy clean recipes to eat following a cleanse. I chose the kale white bean soup.  I didn’t stick exactly to their recipe but kept it super clean.

  • fresh kale
  • frozen spinach
  • organic chicken stock
  • dried  beans (soaked)
  • carrot chopped
  • onion
  • garlic

Basically I sauteed the onion and garlic, mixed in the beans, put the greens ontop and stirred for about 5 minutes, and then added the stock and let simmer for about an hour.  Notice I did not put any spices in this — no prepackaged, high sodium spices.  You will be AMAZED at how amazing this tastes having eaten nothing but juices.  Your taste buds have gotten a chance to recover from all the crap they usually have to taste and can appreciate good taste now!

My Saturday Menu will look like this:

  • Breakfast: Cup of Green Team and remaining Juice
  • Snack: Leftover Juice
  • Lunch: Kale and Bean Soup
  • Snack: apple
  • Dinner: Kale and Bean Soup with a scoop of Quiona

It is also vital to continue drinking a lot of water.  I always say half your body weight in ounces.  For me, that’s about 75 ounces a day.  It’s not a lot if you think about it.  A typical container for water is 25-32 ounces.  That means I only have to drink that three times!

You don’t have to follow exactly what I do, but if you’ve put the time, effort, and money into doing a cleanse, do it right.  Come off of it and give yourself at least one solid week after where you do not eat processed foods, sugar, or saturated fats.  Eat super clean for one week and see just how amazing you look and feel!