I think the hardest part about doing a juice cleanse is having to explain and defend yourself to everyone that walks by your desk.  All of a sudden everyone is an expert trying to tell you how what you are doing is unhealthy.  I have always taken a holistic approach to life, with the understanding that every single person has a different recipe for success – whether it be fitness, health, career, happiness, etc.

I’m no stranger to cleanses. I do 3-4 during the year.  If I feel sluggish, stuck in a rut, or I’ve been splurging a lot I love to do a cleanse to give me a boost of energy and fresh start!  I also like to do them before I go into a hard few months of marathon training!  This is probably the 12+ time I’ve finished one.  Every time I feel a little bit different.  Sometimes I’ll lose 10 pounds in three days, other times I’ll gain weight.  Sometimes I break out, other times my skin is glowing.  It all depends on first and foremost how your body is reacting to the juice cleanse.  That is usually determined by how you are treating your body on a daily basis leading up to it.  If you eat a lot of sugar, carbs, caffeine, fat… your body is going to go through a bit of a shock and WITHDRAWL as you go through the cleanse.

Detoxing is difficult. Whether it is from drugs, alcohol, sugar, meat, or caffeine, when you detoxify your body, you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Not having caffeine and sugar is a killer for me.  It’s a hard lesson to learn to remember to treat your body right.

A detox for me usually goes like this:

  1. Day 1: I feel sluggish.  We’ve all gone all day without eating before dinner – so drinking juices all day isn’t bad.  I just feel extra tired
  2. Day 2: I am a miserable bitch.  Seriously!  Ask my boyfriend, he wished he stayed in a hotel!  I’m angry, bloated, HUNGRY, tired, headache, and everything else I could think to complain about it.  My blood sugar is out of whack and I’m very miserable!
  3. Day 3: I wake up like I wasn’t just a tornado of misery the day before and feel great. I’m refreshed, happy, glowing, ready to take on the world.

This is just my story.  Everyone reacts differently to a cleanse. I absolutely love them even if I don’t always feel 100% my best during them.  My body suffers through marathons, body building workouts, cycling, hiking, climbing, and a lot of other things for me, and the least I can do is make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.  If you take better care of your car than you do of your body, it’s time to start thinking about your priorities.

I purchased my juice cleanse from Senzu Juicery based in the DC area.  It’s only day one but the customer service, delivery, and taste is already making them a big hit in my book!