I received my package of 24 juices from Pressed Juicery this evening and I could not be more excited.  I have been buying from this company for years, and I absolutely love them.  I even purchased their recipe book ‘Juice’ YES – this company released their secret recipes that we’ve all grown to love.

This focus of this company has been ‘getting back to your roots’ by starting simple, with fruits and vegetables, the most nourishing and natural foods we could put into our bodies (direct quote from the book – highly recommend purchasing it! Click on the word ‘Juice’ above for direct link.)

I try to do a juice cleanse 2-3 times a year and every time I do it I get lots of positive and negative reactions to it. Sometimes I think people like to put healthy or different ideas down because they aren’t willing to put in the work themselves.  They are the first to tell you how cleansing is ‘bad for your body’.   I just don’t even know where to begin in disagreeing with that!

Over the past few months I had given up on myself.  I’ve gained about 20 pounds, lost most of my gained muscle, and just felt sluggish and blah.  You shouldn’t go into a cleanse thinking it’s going to make you skinny and solve all your problems. It won’t.  It will help de-toxify your body, give your digestive system a much needed rest, and jumpstart a healthier new you! But lets be honest, we are trained to need to see results. And that’s ok too.

I just took my ‘before’ measurements.  It was hard, actually.  I gained almost four inches in my waist alone (in a matter of 3-4 months).  It was a rude awakening to what I had done to my body and what I had neglected.

  • Chest – 35″ (3 – days post cleanse: 35″ *PHEW no change!*)
  • Waist – 31″ (3 – days post cleanse: 29.5″)
  • Hips – 38.5″ (3 – day post cleanse: 38″)
  • Weight – 157 (3 – day post cleanse: 150)

Tonight, after my final solid meal for three days (homemade sushi), I am excited to take this rest from eating solids and give my body a much needed break from working out (ran 30 miles so far this month).  I’m not just removing toxins from deep in my body, but deep in my soul.  Yoga and meditation will be present as well!

I’m SO READY to start this amazing challenge the next three days, and I hope you join me — if not this time, then next time!

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