Hello Early Birds and Sleep Heads!

I’m almost half way through my January resolution and the struggle most certainly is real!  I would say I have about a 70% success rate for waking up early so far. I’m definitely not loving it, and I’m not sleeping any better.  This week my goal is to be out of bed at 6:40. It is such a struggle!  I started taking sleepy gummies to help me fall asleep (They totally work!!!) but I’m still tired when I wake up.  It’s now obvious to me that my body needs more than 8 hours per night – especially with all the extra working out I’ve been doing.

I guess I was hoping it would have been easier; go to bed early, wake up early, done!  WRONG!

It is SO important for the body to get enough sleep so that you can function.  Think about that.  Just to wake up and do the minimum required for the day you need a full night sleep.  If you want to be active, in a great mood, have energy for doing things you want to you absolutely need more sleep.

There are 19 days left this month and I am determined to get better at going to bed earlier and waking up earlier!  Keep sending the love and motivation!