As I announced in my Inaugural Blog on New Year’s Day, I was going to do a 12 part series this year covering a different topic each month.  I thought the most important one to start with for January was Consistency.

Whatever your goals are today, this month, this year, I can promise you that you won’t achieve them without consistency.  I have tried every diet, meal plan, workout under the sun since I was 13 years old.  And guess what? They all worked! Well, for a month or two anyways…

And then I would gain the 20 pounds back and go into a negative spiral until the next fad diet came along and I was determined to do it!  I would look and feel great….until I didn’t, because I gained all the weight back again.  There was too much pressure to starve myself and workout all the time to try and upkeep something that was just not manageable. It’s just like ‘cookiegate’ from My Diet is Better than Yours.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in an article about weight-loss maintenance mentioned consistency over and over in the article. also wrote an article about consistency being the key to a successful plan.  Consistent exercise, consistent rest, and consistent meals are the KEY to success!  The problem when we do a 21 day plan or a 90 day plan is that we typically burn out after it’s over, and lose motivation.  That has always been my struggle.

This year I’m taking a different approach to my life, my health, and my future. If I start making small changes and do them consistently, I know that the outcome will be greater and more sustainable than anything I’ve ever done in the past!